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Parrots Remote learning 


Hello Parrots and welcome to remote learning.  On a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Mrs Odedra will be your 'Remote Teacher'and then on a Friday, Miss Ringrose will be your 'Remote Teacher'. 


Every morning I am going to set you a daily challenge for you to complete at home. Make sure to record your work in your remote learning books, as I look forward to seeing your amazing work when you are back at school. I am also going to check in with you every afternoon to see how you are getting on with the work and to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to leave a comment in the guestbook about how you are getting on as I would love to hear from you and hear about what you have been up to.


Some daily activities available to try: 

Ask a parent to sign up for: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/user/sign_up.html  Where you can  access free Ebooks from Oxford Owl 

Also,try PE with Joe at 9 am every morning on his YOUTUBE channel. I tried it this morning and it was really good fun! I know you love P.E lessons so you will really enjoy this.  https://www.youtube.com/thebodycoachtv  

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/gingerbread-man-game Play this game!



Oliver Jeffers live reading - Every day at 6pm. Find more at https://www.oliverjeffers.com/books#/abookaday/

David Walliams Elevenses - 11am everyday David will read a story from 'The World's Worst Children'. https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/

Oxford Owl Library of books - sign up for free and have access to lots of books onlineO https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/


Friday 3rd April

Good morning Parrots! 

Happy Friday again! I hope you are all keeping well and have had another fun filled week. This week seems to have flown by. I cannot believe that this is the end of our second week of remote learning – well done Parrots, you have worked so hard!

Remember there is PE at 9 O'Clock this morning with Joe and today he has asked everyone to turn up in fancy dress! So dig out your favourite costume and get ready to go! Alternatively, you could try ‘Andy’s Wild Workouts’ on CBeebies iPlayer – these sessions are a bit shorter and lots of fun -  so far I have tried ‘Under the Sea’, ‘African Savannah’ and ‘Mountains,’ but there are lots of others to try too.

Try out the activities below if you can and let me know how you get on. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Miss Ringrose


Maths activity

Easter Number Formation

Today we are going to do some more work on our number formation. First, practise counting forwards to 20 and back to zero again. You could listen and sing along to this Easter number song too.


Then, have a go at this Easter number formation sheet if you can download it. If not, don’t worry, you can just write the numbers in your remote learning book instead and then you could draw your own Easter eggs with spots to match each number. Try and say the rhyme for each number as you go along.

If you have time, you could practise writing these numbers in other ways too – you could use a stick in the sand or mud or mould the numbers out of playdough or pipe cleaners.

English activity

Easter Egg Hunt

Let’s have some fun now setting up your own Easter egg hunt. You will need to write some clues to help someone in your family to find a hidden egg (this can be a real egg or one that you have made and cut out). Your clues could direct the person around your house or garden. For e.g. You could write down that the first clue is in a room beginning with ‘K’ (kitchen). Or your clues could be letters hidden around the room/garden that once collected, spell out the name of the place the egg is hidden in!

If you have any plastic eggs at home, I really like the idea in this link where you write down a different activity to put inside each egg. The eggs are then hidden around the house or garden and when each egg is found, everyone has to stop and do the activity inside.



Other activity

Easter Bonnet

It wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter bonnet! With an adult, search for some ideas on the internet, see what you’ve got at home and then get creative. You could use an old hat or wrap a strip of paper around your head and decorate that.

 Alternatively, you could make a spring crown. To do this, just get a strip of paper or card and collect petals and leaves from the garden. This link gives you an idea of what you could do.


You could make one for each member of your family and have your own Easter bonnet or spring crown parade!

Good afternoon Parrots!

I hope you have had a great morning. Did you manage to do the Joe Wicks fancy dress? I wore a green wig and a Harry Potter cloak!

The weather seems to be warming up so if you can, try and get out in the garden this afternoon and make the most of the sunshine that is peeking through the clouds!

I have attached some Easter cone animals that you might like to have a go at making this afternoon or over the holidays.

 If you feel like listening to a story over Easter, why not follow this link where you’ll find some stories to listen to for free.




There are lots to choose from including Winnie the Pooh and Peter Rabbit.

And here’s a link another story I really like, ‘A Busy Day for Birds’ (scroll down to bottom of the page) which has some great illustrations.




Well, I’ve really enjoyed being your remote learning teacher today. Remote teaching will begin again on Monday 20th April and all this week's activities are saved below so that you can easily access them if you have missed any. Have a wonderful Easter break everyone and I’ll speak to you again in a couple of weeks’ time. Take care, stay safe and Happy Easter!

Miss Ringrose


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Mrs Wiles(a couple of days ago)

Hello Parrots, Well done for all the hard work you've been doing. I have been reading your comments and I am very impressed - I can't wait to see your remote learning books! I hope you've had lots of fun along the way! Have a very happy Easter and keep smiling! Love from Mrs Wiles

Mrs Aves(a couple of days ago)

Hello Parrots, hope you are all ok? It’s been so lovely to see all the beautiful rainbows when I go out for a walk and I can’t wait to see all the hard work you’ve been doing in your remote learning books

Gregory(a couple of days ago)

Gregory has made a brilliant Easter crown decorated with Easter eggs and bunny ears. He has had great fun cutting out and numbering 20 Easter eggs and hiding them around the house for us all to find. Happy Easter holidays Parrots. Reply from Miss Ringrose: Well done Gregory, you have been busy! I love the sound of your Easter crown. Happy Easter to you too, have a lovely break:)

Rhona Stainthorp(a couple of days ago)

Dear Parrots Hello. I have just learnt that I am going to be your class Governor. My name is Rhona Stainthorp. It is a real treat for me to be your governor. I have seen all the exciting things you have been doing in your Remote Classroom. I hope you have been enjoying all the lovely tasks and sharing them with your family. If you remember at the end of the Christmas term there was a governors’ assembly where we gave out special awards. Because you are all at home and not at school there is no chance of having our special assembly. However, because you are all working so hard and staying bright I have decided that everyone of you deserves an award. This message is to say “Well done Parrots” and have a happy and safe Easter break at home From Rhona Stainthorp Reply from Miss Ringrose: That's great news Rhona! Have a lovely Easter and we look forward to seeing you when we get back!

Mrs Standing(a couple of days ago)

Good morning Parrots, happy Friday! Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Easter holiday. Hopefully we will get some more sunshine now. Keep up with your Joe PE, and making those lovely rainbows, it's so lovely seeing them in the windows when I go for a walk. Be good and keep smiling :o) Mrs Standing

George Hynes(a couple of days ago)

Could we please have the handout on the rhymes for writing numbers, such as 'across the sky and down from heaven that's the way we make a 7'? I think this would help George. Thank you Reply from Miss Ringrose: Hello George, I am just looking for a copy of this, I will attach a copy as soon as I can. Thank you. Reply from, Mrs Odedra: Hi George, I have added the number rhymes at the end of Parrots page. I think it's very useful to have so, good idea, thank you :)