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Reception Remote Learning 

Hi Reception and welcome to remote learning. Mrs Fuller and Miss Ringrose will be your 'Remote Teachers' this week :) 

Every morning we are going to set you up with some daily challenges for you to complete at home. Make sure to record your work in your remote learning books. We are also going to check in with you every afternoon to see how you are getting on with the work and to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to leave a comment in the guestbook about how you are getting on as we would love to hear from you all.

Wednesday 22nd July

Well, hello and goodbye for the summer lovely Parrots, Toucans and parents!

We have been on lots of adventures together over the past few weeks – we’ve been trekking through the jungle, deep sea diving, we’ve been to pirate school, on a seaside adventure and on a teddy bear’s picnic……..I hope you have enjoyed all the things you have done and that you will look back on your remote learning time and think about the fun you had in such a strange school year!

I have really enjoyed being your remote learning teacher and have loved hearing about and seeing pictures of all the amazing learning you have been doing. You should all be very proud of yourselves! As well as giving yourselves a big pat on the back, remember to thank the grown-ups who have helped you make all your activities possible.

Thank you for all your messages and your enthusiasm over the past few months and thank you to the parents and carers for all your support and kind words.

I hope you all have a very well deserved rest over the summer break and have a great time, whether you are spending the time at home or away.

To reward all of your hard work and commitment over lockdown, I have attached below a ‘Lockdown Legend’ certificate that your grown up can download and add your name to! As well as today's activities, you will also find a summer holiday activity booklet that you might like to dip in and out of during the holidays and there are some summer colouring sheets you may like too. Don't forget that there is also the summer reading challenge to get involved with;


and if you enjoy being out in nature, you might like to get involved with the Big Butterfly Count;


Have a fantastic six weeks and happy holidays everyone! I look forward to seeing you all back in September when you will big Year Ones!

Take care,

Love from

Miss Ringrose


Maths activity


Let’s have a go at subtraction.  You can either use a tens frame like shown in the document or you could use your number track.  Click on the link below.



English activity

Memories of Lockdown

Now the lockdown has mostly come to an end, we are able to go out and about to lots more places and see people we may not have seen for a long time. Let’s have a think back though to that time spent at home, when parks and shops were closed and we were unable to visit family and friends. What did you do? What memories do you have of that time?

Have a look at the memory jar below. Draw or cut out 3 pictures of things you did during the lockdown and then write a sentence next to each one. Maybe you learnt a new skill or discovered a new favourite story, maybe it meant that you could spend more time with mummy or daddy. When you look back to the lockdown days, what will you remember the most?

Other activity

Story stones and nature creatures

This is an activity that you can keep adding to and one that could be fun over the summer if you like making up your own stories.

First, collect some flat pebbles and paint them white. Once you’ve done that draw pictures on all the stones, different things on each side, as random as you like.

Then you can line the stones up in different orders to make stories, the more imaginative the stones, the more creative you can be!

Instead of pictures you could even put numbers or letters on them to help you practise making number sentences or spelling!


Another crafting activity to try in the garden during the nice weather is these lovely nature creatures!. There are no real instructions, just use your imagination.

Use whatever natural materials you like and have a go at creating as many animals as you can.