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Robins Remote Learning


Hi Robins. Welcome to remote learning. On a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Mrs Symons-Chan will be your 'Remote Teacher' and on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Mrs Bieniek will be your 'Remote Teacher'. 


Every morning I am going to set you with some daily challenges for you to complete at home.

Please record your work in your remote learning books, which you can show when you get back to school.

I am also going to check in with you every afternoon to see how you are getting on with the work and to answer any questions you may have.


Feel free to leave me a comment in the guestbook. I would love to hear from you.

 Friday 3rd April

Good morning all! Hope everyone had fun dressing up for Joe's P.E. lesson! What did you dress up as?The two weeks have gone by so quickly! It is hard to believe that today is the last day before Easter break.

Have fun with today's activities.

Mrs Bieniek

Maths activity


Use a measuring jug or equivalent to find the capacity of:

A medium sized saucepan

A tea cup

A tablespoon

A bucket

A tall tumbler

A teaspoon

A washing basin

Write the measurements in ml and litres

e.g. 250ml = 0.25 l

Remember 1l = 1000ml


Now try this NRICH activity:






English Activity: The Butterfly Lion

Well done for working so hard with writing your version of the Butterfly Lion story.

Now carefully read back over your story.

Can you add more exciting vocabulary?

Does your story deal with key themes, such as friendship and loyalty?

Make any necessary changes or additions. Do a final check of punctuation and spelling and then write your final draft of your story! Once finished, sit back, relax and share your story with a family member!



Continue to practice your weekly spellings. On the main–class web page are the spellings lists and also crosswords linked to the Year 3+ 4 word list. You can print off the crosswords or alternatively make your own. Purple Mash, Spelling Shed and Topmarks also have spelling games and activities you could use.



listen to some wonderful stories




Please use the checklist above to help when editing your story.

Document with activities for week 2 of remote learning.



Other activity

Art: geometric design

Today we are going to learn about the book of kells, which is a masterpiece of ornate (elaborate) style, combining Celtic and Anglo Saxon decorative traditions

 Please work through the powerpoint below

If you can, print off one/two of the colouring sheets, or come up with your own similar design.

Afternoon Message:

Good afternoon everyone, I can see from the messages that you have had a busy morning. I am looking forward to reading your wonderful versions of the Butterfly Lion story. Well done for all your hard work and enthusiasm, it has been lovely to see.

This afternoon, why not sing Friday out by completing today's Wake Up and Sing lesson.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPbBAy_tauc

I have also uploaded the activities for this week, for you to look back over, in case you missed anything! (see above)

Have a relaxing and peaceful Easter, take care and I hope to hear from everyone - back on remote learning on Monday 20th April.

Mrs Bieniek 






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Jane(a couple of days ago)

Thanks you very much Mrs Bieniek and Mrs Symons-Chan for all the tasks for the last 2 weeks, much appreciated. Hope you have a restful Easter holiday from Jane, Harry and Ava. Reply from Mrs Bieniek, you are very welcome! Have a lovely Easter break.

Grace(a couple of days ago)

Mrs Bieniek I hope you have a lovely easter holiday. Reply from Mrs Bieniek, well done Grace for all your hard work. Have a lovely Easter break too.

Alexandra(a couple of days ago)

Good afternoon Mrs Bieniek and Mrs Symons-Chan. I enjoyed the NRICH activity today and I am loving the colouring!!! Thank you for being my remote teachers this term and HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!! Reply from Mrs Bieniek, glad you enjoyed the activities, have a lovely Easter break too. :-)

Grace(a couple of days ago)

I have done the maths and the art it was such fun. Reply from Mrs Bieniek, well done. Great that you enjoyed the activities

Eisa(a couple of days ago)

I read a medal for Leroy. Reply from Mrs Bieniek. Well done for your good effort with reading.

Mia(a couple of days ago)

hello, in the English what does final draft of the story mean?Reply from Mrs Bieniek, after you have written your story, check and edit and make changes where necessary. Then after you have edited your story, write it out again (including all the improvements you made). This is the final draft.

Eisa(a couple of days ago)

Michael Morpurgo is the best. I read another one of his books when I was in my gym. Reply from Mrs Bieniek, which other book by Michael Morpurgo did you read? How do they compare?

Grace(a couple of days ago)

Today looks like a great day. Reply from Mrs Bieniek. Glad to hear!

George(a couple of days ago)

I have finished the whole butterfly lion book I thought it was really good but it was very sad as well. Reply from Mrs Bieniek, Michael Morpurgo is a fantastic story writer, who is so wonderfully able to engage the reader. Glad you enjoyed it!.