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During the Spring term our learning will be based around 2 books.   'Traction Man' by Mini Grey and then after half term, 'The magic paintbrush' by Julia Donaldson.  Both books are very enjoyable and we would recommend you buying them to enjoy at home too. 


Traction Man is a brilliantly imaginative story about a boy who receives an action hero toy for Christmas. The story is told through the eyes of the action hero, as the boy plays with him to rescue toys in distress and complete difficult missions, using everyday objects around the house. 

We will link the story to learn:

about how toys have changed through history and timelines. 

how we can use our toys to create fun stories and adventures in our writing.

sentence writing, using full stops, capital letters and ? and !

how to use camera's or learn pads to take photos of scenes for our stories.

about different materials and why they are used. 



The Magic paintbrush is a beautiful story about a girl who is given a magical paintbrush that she must only use for good to help the poor. The greedy emperor wants to use the paintbrush to make him powerful. The story is based on a traditional Chinese tale. 

We will link the story to learn:

about tales from different cultures and countries.

that some stories have morals.

about kindness and supporting others.

about Chinese new year.

art from different cultures. 

to write poems.


Below are some things you might like to do or watch to help support your child's learning



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