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Guided reading

Reading is the key skill children need to learn in order to access the whole curriculum.  As a school we believe that the teaching of reading is of paramount importance.


Guided reading is the process we use at Ascot Heath Infant School to teach reading.  Guided reading can be described as a focused reading session with a small group of children where they are taught a specific reading skill.  The type of reading skill will depend on the level at which the children are reading.  These skills are all listed on the school website – go to: Reading skills

  • Guided reading is seen as the most beneficial and valuable way to teach reading because:
  • It can be less intimidating for children
  • Children can learn from each other
  •  It is more time efficient giving teachers more time to teach other areas of the curriculum
  • The children are taught specific reading skills rather than just being heard to read
  •  The session has an objective and is focused, thus quality over quantity
  • All children are reading all of the text rather than listening to each other read pages

Throughout the school children are taught to read in this way.  As soon as children enter our Early Years unit they begin to share books with an adult.  The majority of children will be learning to read through Guided Reading by after Christmas in EYFS.  We do not ‘hear children read’ unless they have been identified as needing additional support in reading or they do not read at home.  Teachers use parental signing in Reading Records to monitor support for reading at home, as agreed in our Home/School agreement.

The focus of the guided reading session is written in each child’s reading record.  This is so that parents know which skills their child has been taught and can practise and consolidate them with reading books brought home.