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Welcome to Woodpeckers class

Woodpecker drumming - The British Library

General Information

Woodpeckers Staff:

Miss Spratt is the class teacher. 

Mrs Caunt is the teacher assistant. 

Mrs Munro is the LSA.


PE Days: 

We will be doing outdoor PE on Thursday and indoor PE on Friday. However there could be additional slots or changes to the timetable so the children will need their PE kit in school everyday. PE kits are kept on their pegs. If your child has their ears pierced they will need to take their earrings out themselves or not wear them on PE days.


Woodpeckers Class Charter 

We spent a little time thinking about some class rules that we all think we should follow to allow us to learn, enjoy ourselves and keep safe. Take a look at the Woodpeckers class charter display!



Autumn Term Quest


Our Autumn Quest was ... POLE TO POLE!!


We have been exploring all things polar in our foundation subjects this term. Take a look at the quest overview below to see what we have been learning in each subject this term. 

Our Autumn Term quest was  'Pole to Pole.' Throughout the quest we loved exploring where the polar regions are located on a map as well as human and physical features in Geography. We enjoyed looking at different animal adaptations and habitats in Science. We also liked writing our own newspaper reports in English explaining how global warming is affecting the ice caps. In our quest we had some Big Bang Moments including our 'Save the penguin stranded on the ice-berg' experiment and enjoyed some icy rocket lollies!

We have had so much fun this term in Woodpeckers - below is a picture of our Quest Working Wall which showcases some of our learning throughout the term.

Spring Term Quest 

Our Spring Quest was ... CHOCCYWOCCYDOODAH


We have been be exploring and learning about all things chocolate in Spring term during our 'CHOCCYWOCCYDOODAH' quest! Take a look at the quest overview below to see what we have be learning in each subject this term. 

Our Spring Term quest was  'Choccywoccydoodah'. Throughout the quest we loved exploring where chocolate comes from and how it is made. We studied the journey of the cocoa bean from pod to product. We located the tropical regions on the world map and learnt about the climate in the rainforest in Geography. We enjoyed look at the history of chocolate bars and how their packaging has changed over time. We also loved designing and making our own chocolate bars in DT! In our quest we had some Big Bang Moments including our chocolate workshop where we made our own bars and lollies as well as making chocolate rice crispy cakes! 

We have had so much fun this term in Woodpeckers - below is a picture of our Quest Working Wall which showcases some of our learning throughout the spring term.


Summer Term Quest


 Our Summer term quest is … EARTH, WIND & FIRE

We will be exploring all things plants in science and the Great Fire of London in history. Watch this space for updates on how we get on throughout our quest. In the mean time, have a look at the quest overview below to see what we will be learning in each subject this term. 

Home learning expectations:


  • The children should be reading at home everyday to practice their decoding skills and comprehension.
  • All children will bring home 2 Read, Write Inc books weekly depending on the group they are in. One will be in the form of an e-book and one will be a book bag book. These are the most important books to practise as they rehearse the skills they have been taught in school. Experience shows that children make good progress if these books are practised at home. The e-books are on their Oxford Owl accounts. (see passwords and usernames inside your child's reading record.)
  • They can also pick any book from the class book box to take home to encourage reading for pleasure. These books can be read by them or shared together with family. 
  • Once the children have finished RWI their reading will be assessed and they will take home a 'free reading' book.
  • We will also be visiting the school library once a week, where the children can choose a book as long as they remember to return their previous book. Day of the week to be confirmed.
  • Please record the children's reading of school books in their reading diaries. The diaries will be collected in daily to monitor reading as well counting up for rewards. To encourage the children to read at home we will have some prizes available which we will launch with the children soon.


  • It's always handy to practise handwriting when you get a chance. Maybe encourage them to practise the formation of letters or their joins depending on what level of handwriting they are at.  
  • The children will have weekly spellings that they are learning in school. Spellings will be sent home and tested weekly. 


  • Children should regularly be practicing to count in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards. They should also practise to count on and count back from any number. For example to count on in 10s from 34... 34, 44, 54, 64.
  • Children should regularly practise quickfire addition to develop their mental calculation and knowledge of number facts. For example, doubling, halving, number bond.
  • Home learning may be set on MyMaths to consolidate learning from the classroom.
  • To see the methods we use please see the calculation policy below.
 Year 2 Calculation Policy.docxDownload
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