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School Lunches


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School lunches are free for all children in Reception, Year One and Year Two. Children in Years Three, Four, Five and Six are able to purchase meals. On two fixed days a year, we complete a census of how many children had a lunch that day and these numbers are used to calculate the funding that schools receive. 

Lunchtime is between 12.00 noon and 1.15 p.m. and includes a playtime. Lunches are eaten in the school hall. Children may bring a packed lunch or have a school dinner and they may vary their lunchtime arrangements.

How children order their lunch

Children order their main meal and dessert using their classroom interactive whiteboards during their morning registration. For children whose lunch has been preordered, they click Ok against their name to register that they are in school. Once a meal has been selected and confirmed, it cannot be changed. Schoolgrid staff use these numbers to prepare and cook the right amount of food at the KS2 building and this is bought over to KS1 building  servery just before lunchtime

What happens at lunchtime?

At lunchtime the children go into lunch in their classes. We rotate the classes so that the class going in first changes each week. Children not going straight into lunch go out to play first and wait until our lunchtime staff call their class in. Children going to lunchtime clubs go into lunch first too. Early Years children always go straight into lunch.

In the lunch hall, a member of our midway supervisors or Year 6 helper selects each child on a handheld device to see what they have ordered and gives them two tickets based on this. A coloured ticket indicates what main meal they have chosen, and a white ticket with a number indicates the dessert they ordered. Children take these to the serving hatch and Schoolgrid staff prepare a tray for each child. Children can also choose a bread roll and salad items. Children having a packed lunch go in with their class and those having either packed lunch or school dinners can sit together. Children are given water by our midday supervisors and helped to open packets or cut up food if necessary.

After they have eaten their lunch, children ask to leave the hall and clear their own trays and go out to play. Our staff can check that all children who booked a meal have come into the hall and check as far as they can that children have eaten a reasonable amount of food.

How to pre-order lunch for your child

Parents can pre-order meals for their child on-line. You will need to register to use the system and it can take a few days for you registration to be processed by Schoolgrid.  You can choose the meal you would like your child to have on any given day. If you decide to pre order on behalf of your child/children, they will be unable to change your choice of meal. You will also be able to see what your child has ordered when you login to your account.

Meals can be ordered either weekly or daily if preferred. However, you will be unable to pre order on the morning after 8.55 a.m. of the day your child wishes to have a meal. 

Packed Lunches

Please send packed lunches in named lunch bags or boxes.

No sweets, chocolate bars, lollipops or fizzy drinks.

Drinking water is always available.

Practise opening and closing lunch bags/boxes at home. Some fasteners are difficult for small hands.

We have several children with severe nut allergies and therefore we are a nut free school. This includes Peanut Butter.

Healthy packed lunch guidance from Active Cubs please click here