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Ascot Heath Primary School

“Preparing our children for all of their tomorrows”


At Ascot Heath Primary School, we believe that developing children as writers is so much more than asking them to remember grammatical constructions or tricky spellings. It is a complicated and intricate process, but if you enable a child to become a writer you have given them a voice, supported them to communicate and provided them with a skill that is vital for all of their schooling and to their life beyond.

We teach children to write for real reasons, different purposes and for a range of audiences. They are taught to write in the form of different text types, and teachers use a genre progression alongside 'The Teaching Sequence for Writing' to accommodate to the particular needs of their year group and class. To continue making links between our reading, writing and Quest learning, Reading Spines are used where appropriate to inspire writing.

Writing progression document

Reading Spines


The Teaching Sequence for Writing


Teachers follow the teaching sequence for writing. This ensures that children thoroughly understand the features of the text type that is being studied. It leads to high quality writing outcomes.

Children are taught:

  • To establish a purpose and audience
  • To read and analyse texts
  • The specific skills required
  • To do shared and independent writing
  • To edit and improve their writing