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Welcome to Doves Class - Year 4

Year 4 had a good spring term despite the 'Lockdown' in January and February. We learned a lot about different types of persuasive writing and wrote fantastic pieces about why the rain forests play such an important role on planet earth. Spring term culminated in writing a persuasive letter to our local supermarkets and garden centers, asking them to donate some gardening supplies for our new school garden. These letters proved very successful and to date we have been promised vouchers to buy gardening supplies to the tune of £150!! Who says Year 4 are not persuasive??

In Maths we covered Co-ordinates, Area and the four number operations. Weekly times tables tests continue to roll on, in which many children are achieving high scores and are showing fantastic improvements in the time needed to complete these tests.

Our Science Topics were sound, the digestive system and teeth.

So there should now be no complaints about brushing our teeth twice a day, as the children did an experiment that should the effects of not using toothtaste, in an experiment using eggs! It's the calcium in both.

Summer is here!

In summer term English Doves will be learning about 'Instructions and explanations'. Then we will do some work on 'Fairy Tales' and then some 'Poetry' work. In Maths, were are currently learning about how to interpret and draw graphs. In P.E. the children will be playing Tennis and Golf. They will also be learning gymastics and athletics. P.E. will take place on Thursday and Friday afternoons. If your child is wearing a summer dress, please may you send some shorts/leggings and a top to change into. Also, please make sure that he or she wears appropriate footwear on these days, i.e. trainers or plimsoles.

We will also finally be spending more time in our school garden, now that the spring frosts have finally gone. We will be mainly growing Potatoes, onions, garlic and strawberries. This will involve planting, weeding and watering regularly in small groups. 

Please ensure your child has suitable footwear, i.e. traine rs for use in school. Wellington boots walking boots or old shoes and old gloves are also a good idea for the school garden. We will be planting our vegetables shortly 

Homework Expectations

Spellings will be tested every Tuesday - a half termly spelling sheet has been sent home. See attachment.

Times tables tests take place every Tuesday and Friday. Both tests will be marked and sent home with your child so that you can see how well they have performed and which tables need to be practised. You can practise with your child at home by downloading the 'Times Table Speed Test' that is attached towards the bottom of this class page.

Your child has also been given a 'reading record book' to take home and back to school daily. Please try to listen to your child read aloud at least four times per week. Ask questions about the text to develop comprehension skills.

We will set a comprehension exercise on 'Teams' every Friday to be completed by the following Friday.

We will also set a task every Friday on mymaths.co.uk

Please encourage your children to spend time on TTRockstars, mymaths and to learn their spellings.

Thank you all for the support you have given and please don't hesitate to raise any worries or ask questions via the school email.

Mr Hegarty

White Rose Maths - home learning link


Maths and Art skills applied in Parabolic Line Designs
Maths and Art skills applied in Parabolic Line Designs