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Ascot Heath Primary School

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Modern Foreign Langauges at Ascot Heath

Our MFL subject leader is Mrs Phelan

Our Vision

As a nation, the British are not that great at foreign languages! We are full of inhibitions and awkwardness when it comes to speaking in a different tongue.

At Ascot Heath Primary School, our vision is to develop children’s oracy in French and equip them with key words phrases they can use in real-world situations. Children will become confident enough to ‘have a go’ without feeling self-conscious or worried about getting it wrong.

Wherever in the world they find themselves, and whatever new languages they encounter, they will be equipped with a positive life-time attitude towards the gift of communication and understanding.


For each subject we have created a progression of skills and knowledge document. You can view the MFL documents by clicking on the titles below:

Lower Key Stage Two               Upper Key Stage Two

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