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Ascot Heath Primary School

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Practical equipment that we use

Here at ascot Heath Primary School we believe that the use of equipment is really important for the children to have a deep understanding of Maths.

Below are a few examples of the different equipment that we use in school.  You can also look at our calculation policy to see the equipment that we use in different year groups and for which area of Maths we use them (see below).


If you would like to have some of the equipment in your own home that you can use with your Year 1, 2 and 3 children, we do sell a Maths Pack.  As well as equipment you will receive instructions about how to use the equipment with your child.

Equipment included

  • Number track to 20
  • 20 2 sided counters
  • arrow cards
  • 100 square
  • Tens frame
  • Mickey mouse ears (whole part model)
  • Place value house
  • Addition house

The equipment we use in school


Bead strings                          Number tracks                             2 sided counters                      Arrow cards



  100 square                           Tens frame                                     Mickey mouse ears                  Place value house



Dienes                                Cuisenaire rods                                 Place value counters                Carrbars



Numicon                          sorting items (e.g. compare bears)