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SATS WEEK: Monday 8th May   -   RESIDENTIAL WEEK: Monday 15th May  -   LEOGLAND TRIP - Monday 3rd July

Year 6

Welcome to Vultures Class

Mrs Hunter, Mr Ridgway, Mrs Pillar

Summer Term Quest

Our Summer Term quest is called Fiesta.'  Throughout the quest we will be in a party mood thinking about celebrations.  We will be celebrating and looking in detail at the Ancient Maya civilization as well as looking at culture of life today in the Americas.  We will be reflecting and celebrating our time at primary school as we look towards the future and transition to secondary school. We have a number of Fiesta moments including our residential to the Isle of Wight, Leogland Trip, Bikeability, Production, a leavers festival - it is a term of celebration!


Below is an overview of the exciting learning for our quest as well as some pictures from the term!

Spring Term Quest

Our Spring Term quest is called 'Journeys.'  Throughout the quest we will be understanding on a number of journeys including the journey of blood around the body, the journey up a mountain as well as the journey through time of Ascot Race Course.  We also look forward on embarking on our own journeys including a trip and the journey of SATS preparation and thinking ahead to our journeys next year.


Below is an overview of the exciting learning for our quest as well as some pictures from the term!

 Year 6 Spring Quest 2023.pdfDownload
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Autumn Term Quest 

Our Autumn Term quest was  'Heroes and Villains.'  Throughout the quest we thought about what makes a true hero and what makes a true villain.  In our quest we had some Big Bang Moments including our trip to Engage Water sports, as well as making torches and periscopes.  

Below is a curriculum overview of the exciting learning Vultures completed during their Heroes and Villains quest.

 Quest overview without first page (AutoRecovered).docxDownload
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Check out some of our quest reviews....

As part of our Heroes and Villains quest we made trenches, check them out!

Do you like our torches that we made in DT? We used our knowledge of electricity and circuits as well as light in science to design, plan and make our own torches to fit a design brief for a specific hero.

Our Class Charter

During transition day Mr Ridgway asked the children to select five adjectives from a Wordle that they would like to describe their time in Year 6.  We then collated these adjectives to form our charter:


Year 6 pupils receive homework on a Tuesday and a Friday each week.  The homework and the due date will be recorded in their planners.


Homework given out on a Tuesday is handed in on a Friday.


Homework given out on a Friday is handed in on a Tuesday.

Pupils will also receive spellings on a Monday.  These spellings will correspond to a spelling objective that is being taught in class that week.  This spelling objective will then be tested the following Monday.


PE is on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please ensure that your child wears their PE kit to school on these days.






Summer 2023: Ascot Racecourse Competition 

Lots of our entries have been shortlisted.  Vote for your favorite here:


Little Canada Residential

Below is the presentation from our residential meeting in July 2022.  If you would like any extra information follow the link below or speak to Mrs Hunter.


 kit list.docxDownload
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Meet the Teacher

Below is the presentation from the Meet the Teacher meeting.

Family Workshop 

Thank you for attending our grammar family workshop.  The front covers look great and pupils will be starting their pages on adjectives soon!  Below is the presentation from the workshop.

 Family Workshop.pptmDownload
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We had great fun on our trip to Taplow in September.  We became our own heroes and faced fears, challenges and supported each other.

Birthday Book Wish List

As an alternative to sweets or cake, the children are welcome to bring in a book for their class to celebrate their birthday.  Here are some suggestions:

Year 6 Book Wish List

The Bubble Boy - Stewart Foster

Can You Feel Noise? - Stewart Foster

A Dangerous Game - Malorie Blackman

The Boy Who Made Everyone Laugh - Helen Rutter

A Storm of Strawberries - Jo Cotterill

The Secrets of Sam and Sam - Susie Day

The Star Outside My Window - Onjali Q Rauf

The Tigers In The Tower - Julia Golding 

Your Are A Champion - Marcus Rashford

How To Be Me - Cath Howe

Boy In The Tower - Polly Ho-Yen

Poems From The First World War -  Various authors selected by Gabby Morgan

Real Life Mysteries - Susan Martineau

Great Adventurers - Aliaster Humphreys 

Fantastic Female Adventueres - Lily Dyu

Amazing Muslims Who Changed The World - Burhana Islam

Break The Mould - Sinead Burke 


Below is the calculation policy for Year 6.