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Ascot Heath Primary School

“Confident learners in a happy, safe and secure environment”



 Our planning is based on the Jigsaw Scheme of work.  Every year group follows the same units with age appropriate objectives: 

Autumn Term One: Being Me In My World

Autumn Term Two:  Celebrating Differences

Spring Term One: Dreams and Goals

Spring Term Two: Healthy Me

Summer Term One: Relationships

Summer Term Two: Changing Me

Each class records their learning in a class Jigsaw Journal which are kept displayed in the classrooms.  The children enjoying looking through the journal reflecting and celebrating their PHSE learning.


Our Jigsaw Journals where we record our PHSE learning
Our Jigsaw Journals where we record our PHSE learning


During Autumn Term One we have used the Jigsaw Recovery Curriculum.  The lessons have focused on:

Welcoming back to school including a class charter to support respect for social distancing and hygiene 

Belonging and feeling safe in school

Reconnecting with friends at school

The Coronavirus explained and keeping safe and well at school

Managing worries, fears and anxieties

Being positive and looking forward to learning

Gratitude and appreciation