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Daily activity ideas 


As well as any homework that may be set we understand that it is useful to have a variety of resources to hand. Below are some different ideas of things to practice daily, printable resources that might help and websites for each different subject area.  

English- phonics, reading and writing

  • practise sounds flash cards.
  • share a book together. If you read the story you could then ask the children questions to test there understanding. Or children can read a suitable book to you.
  • practise letter formation. To make it more exciting they could use chalks outside, crayons or their fingers in flour for example. 
  • lots of fine motor activities are great for building hand strength. e.g. hamma beads, lego, play doh. Also exercises that help build up core muscles and neck and shoulders are brilliant for hand writing. 
  • Tracing detailed pictures is also excellent for pencil control and building hand strength.
 pencil control cards.pdfDownload
 Pencil control colouring.pdfDownload
 upper and lower case letters.pdfDownload
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Other subjects:

We know how important the other areas of the curriculum are to the children too. Here are some suggestions of things they could do below. (We will keep updating this document). 




  • counting using objects, rhymes, songs up to 30 forwards and backwards.
  • counting in 2's up to at least 24 and back.
  • counting in 5's up to at least 60 and back.
  • counting in 10's up to 120 and back. 
  • practising adding to make 10 and subtracting from 10. e.g. 1+9 2+8 3+7 etc.
  • number formation.
  • Panini sticker albums are great for number recognition.
  • colour by numbers. 
  • Snakes and ladders, dominoes, card games, Uno, top trumps. 
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 1-20 number track.pdfDownload
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