Rhododendron Walk, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8PN

01344 882631

Ascot Heath Primary School

“Preparing our children for all of their tomorrows”

What we have been doing in Toucans!!

Autumn 1

During this quest we started our journey into our new school. There was lots of exploring of new classrooms, new equipment and most importantly new friends. As a class we looked at our different families and how we are all different, coming to the conclusion that it would be really boring if we were all the same. We learnt about our numbers to ten and simple sounds, whilst also learning how to respect our learning enviomrent as well as each other. 

Autumn 2

During this quest we explored a variety of celebrations including Diwali, Remembrance Sunday, Birthdays, Christmas, Bonfire Night and Halloween. We looked at why each celebration is special and why they are celebrated. We also got to experience some of these celebrations such as making a Christingle and having a Diwali feast and dance! During this quest we also looked at special friends, even started to blend some words!  In maths we made shape biscuits, pattern with paper chains and counting pictures and colouring them which gave us very colourful, and yummy work!