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What we have been doing in Toucans.

After a few weeks of settling into big school, we introduced the children to their first Quest.  We received a special video message from Mr Crowley. Have a look below.

Mr Crowley asked us to help him find his missing parcels that had blown away in the wind. The children loved opening the parcels and inside them were an elephant, a giraffe, frog, camel, lion, snake and finally a puppy. Mrs Rogers explained that our learning will be based on the book Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell and we enjoyed the story together.

Please see the document below that tells you all the things we are focussing on and learning in our Dear Zoo Quest. We like to be flexible in Reception too and let the children lead their learning, so we will keep you posted below on the things we have been doing.

 Reception Autumn Term 1 mini Quest- Dear Zoo.pdfDownload
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