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Ascot Heath Primary School

“Confident learners in a happy, safe and secure environment”


Welcome to Penguins Class

Class teachers: Mrs Gillard and Mrs Rogers

Teaching assistants: Mrs Russell and Mrs Amar


Number bonds to ten

This week we have been practicing our number bonds to ten.  This is when you add 2 numbers together to make 10 e.g. 6+4=10.

Below is a link to the game Hit the button.  Once on the main page click on 'number bonds' and then 'Make 10',  This will then take you through to the game.  See how many times you can make 10 in 1 minute.



                  Odd sock day  

This week is anti-bullying week in school. The children wore their odd socks to show (in a fun way) that everybody is different. 

Penguins had a great discussion about why it's good that we are all different. 

'We would not be able to recognise our friends if we all looked the same.' -Lucas

'Our class photo would be really strange. All the children would look exactly the same'- Aine

'Its good that we are good at different things, so we can do different jobs.' -Umar

We discussed that it's important to celebrate our differences and not treat people badly because of them. 

Check out our snazzy socks!


Money games

This week we have been learning about money and how much each coin is worth.  We have looked at the 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.  We have practiced counting different amounts in purses and paying the right amount for an item we wanted to buy.  Below are some games we can play that will help us to practice even more!


Play the below game with mixed coins up to 20p



Play the belwo game to count the same value coins to pay for different items.



Please select counting for the below game.  Then click 1-10p box.


Shut the box

This week we have been practicing our addition using a game called shut the box.  Click on the link below to find out how to play it at home.  The children can do the 2nd version which is harder!



PE days

We do PE on Mondays and Fridays. Please make sure long hair is tied up and earrings are removed on these days. We will send PE kit home half termly (but you are welcome to take it home at any point as long as it's in for PE days.)

Class charter 

The children have worked hard together to produce our class charter. This is a special agreement that we all follow that helps us to learn the best we can and have a happy and safe time at school.

Home learning 

The most important way you can help your child at home in KS1, is to read ideally 5 times a week. The children will bring home a black and white Read write Inc book, which they will also read at school. This will help them become familiar with the words in the text. They will also receive a 'book bag book'  which links to the Read write Inc work that week. These books will be at the level your child is working at in their Read write Inc groups.  

The children have been given a book band colour, so that they can choose a reading book from the class book box that is appropriate to their reading ability. They can change these daily if they wish to. Please write in your child's reading record when you read with them at home. 

We also have a home learning grid with a range of activities that link to our learning each term. How much they do is up to you, but we would love them to bring it in to share it with us and celebrate their hard work on our home learning board in the classroom. 

Click here to view the home learning grid.

Curriculum Overview

After the first few weeks settling back into school, our learning will be based around the topic of 'Toys'.

 Image result for toy story

Click here to see our overview for the Autumn term. 

Meet the teacher information

 Please download the document below to see the information shared at the meeting on 11/9/19.

Opening and closing times 

Our class door is open at 8:45 am and will close at 8:55 am for registration. If you are running a bit late and arrive after this time please pop straight into the main office to see Mrs Jones, to drop your children off. They will then be escorted safely down to the class. 

School finishes at 3:15 pm and children are collected from their classroom door. Please remember we are unable to hand your children to other adults at the end of the day unless you have informed the class teacher or the office staff.