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What we have been doing in Parrots

We have had loads of fun exploring all about ourselves, learning new skills and talking about our families.  We have all settled in really well into Parrots and followed new routines.  In Phonics we have learnt new sounds and practiced our numbers to 10.   

Lets see what else we have been doing:


 Autumn 2 - Let's Celebrate

Within our topic this term we have explored and learnt about many different celebrations including Diwali, Christmas and Remembrance day.  We have had fun doing a range of different challenges, had a Diwali party and did brilliant in our nativity.

Spring 1 - 'Out of this world'

We had so much fun this term doing space.  We had a space day where we trained to be astronauts, tried space food and drew upside down.  Bezee (an alien) crash landed in our garden and we made him feel very welcome.  We drew pictures of him, wrote about his adventures and made our own alien friends.  We learnt about the planets, rockets and the moon.  At the end of term we learnt all about Chinese new year. 

Spring 2 - Healthy Heroes

What is a healthy Hero?  We explored many different activities and play opportunities to identity what is to be heathy.  We could talk about what we needed to do to look after ourselves, wash our hands and how to help others.  As a class we looked at healthy eating and made our own super vegetables like SuperTato!  We used our sounds to write sentences and worked hard on letter formation.  In Maths we explored what is a whole / part, noticing numbers to 10 and breaking them into groups.  We had fun doing a science workshop, drama workshop and Easter spring day. We worked hard all term and showed Mrs Parnell how brilliant were are.  We finished the term with a superhero day.  

Summer 1 - Animal Antics

We have had so much fun this term exploring and looking at animals.  The children showed us all the knowledge they already knew and we explored questions we all had.  In class we had some caterpillars to watch into butterflies and some chicks to look after.  It was really interesting to see the life-cycles that were happening and learnt more about them.  We went on our very first school trip to Woolley Firs and loved having a teddy adventure.  This term in Parrots we also showed everyone our learning through doing a class assembly and we were all brilliant.  To finish the term off, we noticed a dinosaur had invaded the classroom and left some eggs.  We made them a nest and enjoyed exploring more about dinosaurs.  We have worked hard in Maths, made bug hotels and ate ladybird biscuits.  

Summer 2 - Pirates Ahoy!!!!

We have had fun this last term of Reception exploring Pirates.  We had a Pirate day, wrote a 'Wanted Poster' about Pirates, looked at maps and explored Pirate ships.  In Maths we practiced everything we have learnt including addition, subtraction and patterns.