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 Penguins Remote Learning

Hello Penguins! This week Mrs Rogers and Mrs Gillard will be your 'Remote Teachers'. Mrs Rogers on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Mrs Gillard for the rest of the week.

Each morning I am going to set you up with some daily challenges for you to complete at home. Make sure you record your work in

your remote learning books. I am really looking forward to seeing all your fantastic work when you are back at school.

I am also going to check in with you every afternoon, to see how you are getting on with the work and to answer any questions you may have. I


 would love to hear how you are getting on and about the things you have been doing, so please leave me a message in the guestbook below.     

Don't forget to email me your favourite piece of learning from the week!                                                     


Look at the fantastic pirate learning Penguins class has been doing. Amazing!

Friday 22nd May

Good morning Penguins, 

It was a lovely day again yesterday.  Let's hope it stays that way for us all over half term.  So today is the last day of remote learning until after half term.  I look forward to seeing your photos today to see what you have been up to this week. 

Speak soon

Mrs Gillard

Photograph Competition     Photograph Competition    Photograph Competition   Photograph Competition 

I have really enjoyed taking photos of the butterflies. I thought it would be fun to have a year 1 photo competition. Ask your grown up's if you can borrow their camera. Find something you like and snap away. It could be colourful, funny, unusual, a special place, person or object.  Send it to our class email address penguins@ascotheathprimary.school and Mrs Gillard and I will choose a winner from each class and a runner up. I will give a prize for the winners. Good luck!

Maths activity




Let’s warm our bodies up by counting forwards and backwards to 100 starting from different numbers each time.  Why not try doing it with someone else and taking it in turns to say a number.


Pirate themed addition and subtraction sheet today.  Choose which one you would like to have a go at.  You can either write the questions out or print the sheet out.  It is up to you.  Please use the 100 square to solve the calculations.

English activity  


A relaxing read is in order today! It is the last day of school before half term.


I would love you to use the reading bingo sheet below to choose 2 stories you can read by yourself. Perhaps you have a reading den? Maybe you want to do some extreme reading in the shed like Mrs Rogers or you may just want to snuggle up with your favourite teddies under your covers.

Enjoy reading your stories!





Other activity

Today we are going to add tiny details to our pirate ships.

Have you noticed there are tiny windows along the ship.  They are called portholes. You could cut these out of paper and stick them on or use a marker pen to draw them directly onto the boat.


You could also have some little gun ports that have cannons poking out. (Do you remember rolling up paper- this may come in handy.) 

A pirate ship definitely needs a pirate flag at the top of its mast.  Create your own little flag and colour it in. Attach it to the top.


Maybe you could add some crew to your ship.


Take a photo of your finished ship!

We can’t wait to see them.





Below are all of the things we have got up to this week if you missed any of them.

 ay ai a-e words.pdfDownload
 Book Bingo.pdfDownload
 label the pirate ship.pdfDownload
 Mat 3.pdfDownload
 Our country.pptxDownload
 pirate ships.pptDownload
 Pirate themed addition and subtraction.pdfDownload
 Pirate week 2 18th May.pdfDownload
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