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Year 1 Remote Learning

Hi Year 1 and welcome to remote learning. Mrs Emmins and Ms Cramond will be your 'Remote Teachers' this week :) 

Every morning we are going to set you up with some daily challenges for you to complete at home. Make sure to record your work in your remote learning books. We are also going to check in with you every afternoon to see how you are getting on with the work and to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to log on to the Guestbook to leave us a message or you can continue to email us via your class email address about how you are getting on.  We would love to hear from you all.  Here are a few pictures of the wonderful work that you sent in so far this week...

Tuesday 14th July

Good morning Puffins and Penguins! 

Did you manage to go on a scavenger hunt yesterday afternoon?  What did you find?

We hope that you had a good night's sleep, have had your breakfast and are rearing to go with today's learning...

Firstly, you will need to get some equipment ready for your maths activity where we will be looking at division and having a go at writing our own story to go with some calculations.  Next, we will be writing our own story related to Rainbow Fish - we are looking forward to reading these and are wondering what different sea creature you will choose as your character to write about.  For our last activity of the morning we will be watching a you-tube video about the coral reef and learn about where fish and other sea creatures live.  Then we will have a go at matching the names with different animals on the sheet.

Have a good morning!

Ms Cramond & Mrs Emmins

Maths activity

 As much as we are able to say that

6 apples can be shared between 2 children.  It is much quicker to write it as a calculation

6 ÷ 2 = 3

We can then say 6 divided by 2 makes 3.

Have a go at the division calculations below, but make sure you still get equipment out and draw pictures to make sure you have got the answer correct, this is really important.


10 ÷ 5 =

14 ÷ 2 =

8 ÷ 4 =

16 ÷ 4 =

9 ÷ 3 =


As an extra challenge can you think of a story that could go behind each calculation?

e.g. There were 10 birds.  I need to share the birds between 2 trees. How many birds will go in each tree?



 English activity.

Today I would like you to write your own story linked to Rainbow Fish.  But this time chose a different sea creature that won’t share something and how they decide to share at the end of the story.


Other activity

Let’s learn about where the fish live, as well as other sea creatures.

Watch the below video all about a ‘coral reef’




Now you have learnt about some of the animals that live in a coral reef.  Have a go at the attached sheet.  Can you match the names with the different animals?

Afternoon message:





Photograph competition winners 

You might remember before half term we challenged you all to take part in a photograph competition. (We are sorry it's taken us a while to let you know the results- things have been a little busy in school) We were amazed at the quality of photos that came in and it was very tough to choose just 1  from each class. So after much thought we picked the following 5 winners:

Edwards fantastic photo of the view looking down his marble run.

Herkus' brilliant photo of a beetle on a spoon.

Alexander's amazing photo of baby birds in a nest that he found on his walk at Englemere pond.

Ava's lovely photo of a family of geese swimming in a line with the mum and dad looking after their goslings in between them.

James funny photo of a picnic in the tree trunk scene.

Click on the images above to have a closer look.

Well done and a big thank you to everybody who took part!   



The Whole Week! from week beginning 4th July

Below are the documents you will need if you want to have a go at some of the things you may have missed.  

 o'clock and half past.pdfDownload
 remote learning for Year 1.docxDownload
 rock pool creatures.pdfDownload
 Sea side spell check..pdfDownload
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