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Year 5 Remote Learning

Hi Year 5 and welcome to remote learning. I am Ms Gray and I will be your 'Remote Teacher' this week :) 

Every morning I am going to set you up with some daily challenges for you to complete at home. Make sure to record your work in your remote learning books. I am also going to check in with you every afternoon to see how you are getting on with the work and to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to leave a comment in the guestbook about how you are getting on as I would love to hear from you all.


Tuesday 15th  July 

 Good morning Year 5. I hope that you are all ready for your learning today! You should have fun learning capital cities. I learnt them when I was your age and I still remember (most) of them! Thank you to those of you who have handed in your self portraits. I have extended the closing date for the competition until tomorrow, as I know that some children have had difficulty getting them to me. I have even had some posted to school, which is brilliant! I will let you know the results of the competition on Thursday. Have a fabulous morning!

Ms Gray


Expectations for Home Learning 

Monday: You will do your Maths and English in school so do the 'other activity' on the remote learning page.

Tuesday: Do Your English homework from school and the Maths lesson and 'other activity' on the remote learning page. 

Wednesday: You will do your Maths and English in school so do the 'other activity' on the remote learning page.

Thursday: Do your Maths homework from school and the English lesson and 'other activity' on the remote learning page. 

Friday: Do all of the work on the remote learning page.


Afternoon activities are optional. Also, if you would like to do all of the Maths and English lessons on the remote pages every day, please do!

Maths Activity

Do pg. 3 of the summer booklet.


Calculations code breaker


Remember to do this neatly in your remote learning book and underline the date and LO.

Mark your own work afterwards with the

relevant pages in the answer booklet provided.




TT Rock-stars:


When you are finished your work, log on to

TT-Rock-stars and practice your tables for

15 – 20 minutes.






 Year 5 Summer Themed Maths Booklet - Answers.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Summer Themed Maths Booklet - Questions.pdfDownload
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English activity


Do pg. 3 of the summer booklet attached.


Ice-Cream Match-Up!

Be sure to also do the second half of the activity and make up at least 5 of your own sentences.


Remember to do this neatly in your remote learning book and underline the date and LO.


Mark your own work afterwards with the relevant pages in the answer booklet provided.

 Year 5 Summer English Activity Booklet Answers.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Summer English Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
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Other Activity




Learning the capital cities of Europe.


Use the template attached to create your own European capital cities fortune-teller.


Now use the fortune teller and see how many capital cities you can remember before checking the answer.


Now, why not use your fortune teller to test someone in your family and see if they get all the capital cities correct.






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 Afternoon Message:


Art Competition

Year 5 are going to have an art competition. The theme is going to be 'self portraits'. You can create your self portrait any way that you like! You can use paint, pencils, chalk, pastels, collage pens- anything! There are some pictures below to help you come up with ideas - click on them to see a larger version of them. Here are the rules:

  • The picture must just be of your head
  • It can be no bigger than A3
  • You must bring it into school with your name and class on the back by Monday 13th July   

Please do not send me a photo of your picture. If you are currently coming to school on Mondays and Wednesdays, you can bring it with you then. If you are in a Key Worker bubble, you can give your picture to your teachers. If you are not currently coming into school, if possible, arrange for your picture to be dropped off at the office. If this is not possible, email me and we will sort something out!

There will be a first, second and third place prize for each class. Then Miss Lowe and I will create a display from your pictures in our new classrooms so that they will be there when you return in September. 

This will be your afternoon activity for the next week so you have got plenty of time to get the resources that you might need and to create your self portrait.

If you are unsure about anything, email me to ask! 


Our Favourite Work

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Race to Australia

There is an exciting new challenge happening this term. As we can't do sports day this year we are taking it virtual and will be travelling to Australia!

Starting from Ascot Heath Primary school, our goal is to travel 8625.75 virtual miles as a team. 

Then, we are going to see which house colour contributes the most miles to win the Sports Day cup and have it decorated in their colours.

You can walk, run, scoot, cycle, swim, travel however you want and everybody in your household is welcome to join. They will join your house colour and help your house gain miles (even your dog!). 

You can submit daily or weekly to Mr Somers at racetoaustralia@ascotheathprimary.school 

Please put your name, class and house colour. 

Your submission might look like this if you are doing it daily.  

Dad - 2 mile run 

Mum and me - 8 mile cycle each (16miles in total)

Me and my brother - 1 mile scooter each (2miles in total)

Family walk with my dog - 2 miles each (10miles in total). 

Or you might just add up a total for the day or week and submit to me how far in miles you and your family have travelled for your house. 


The Summer Reading Challenge is back!
…and this year it’s digital

Silly Squad 2020
The title for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge is Silly Squad, it’s all about funny books, happiness and having a laugh!
Starts 1st June
The Challenge is aimed at 4-11-year olds and will run from June to September; launching with a week of activity from Monday 1 June and culminating in an official launch day of curated events on Friday 5 June 2020.
Sign up online and download e-books
You can sign up to this FREE Challenge online, then read or listen to six library books of your choice to complete. E-Books, e-magazines and e-audio can all count towards your total of 6 books. Hundreds of hilarious books and your favourite authors can be accessed through BorrowBox and RBdigital; David Walliams, Konnie Huq, Liz Pichon, Jo Nesbo, Harry Hill and many more, plus new titles added every week.

Although our library buildings are closed, libraries will also continue to deliver the Challenge through virtual services and e-lending platforms.

Track your progress
The Summer Reading Challenge website helps you keep track of your reading for the Challenge plus all year round you can find new books to read, take part in competitions, mini challenges, and play games.
Visit the Summer Reading Challenge website to sign up and for further details:
Need access to e-resources for the Challenge?
If you are not yet a library member, please contact Bracknell Library for temporary membership. Bracknell.Library@Bracknell-Forest.gov.uk