Rhododendron Walk, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8PN

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Ascot Heath Primary School

“Confident learners in a happy, safe and secure environment”

Vision and Values

Ascot Heath Primary School


“Confident learners in a happy, safe and secure environment”


At Ascot Heath Primary School we aim to provide an ambitious and exciting learning community.  To be the best we provide our children with experiences which develop resilience, confidence and tolerance and these characteristics are key to our school values.

We are a modern forward-thinking school and our aim is to prepare our children so that they are ready to take their place in and make a significant contribution to society.

We will encourage our children to be:

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve
  • confident individuals able to live safe, healthy, happy and fulfilling lives
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society

Our vision is to ensure that all children experience a broad and balanced curriculum delivered by teachers who love teaching and who continually strive to ensure that all children develop a love of learning based on the knowledge, skills and values relating to:

The building of character and responsibility:

  • Building character is a process of lifelong learning that involves experience, leadership ad a dedication to growth and maturity. Our children become their own unique person rather than being overly influenced by others.

 Relationship and teamwork skills:

  • We recognise that teamwork, collaboration and problem solving are essential life skills. We encourage our children to take risks, be enterprising and to respect the views and beliefs of everyone in our community and beyond.

 The academic:

  • We are passionate about providing an inspirational academic experience. We adopt an inclusive, pupil-centred approach to ensure that every child is engaged, excited and challenged by the learning experience at all times.

We are totally committed to providing our children with a curriculum that inspires and motivates them.  We are pioneering and independent in our approach to what we teach.  The issue is not so much what is taught but how and why it is taught.  Real-life experience underpins learning and prepares our children very well for any environment.

We put a very strong emphasis on the importance of staff and children living out our school values through their everyday behaviours and actions.  We see values as an essential aspect of building strong individuals and communities who stand for what is right and can challenge, with confidence, what is not right.  Our values are:

      • Respect
      • Hope
      • Courage

We attach great importance to the relationships we build within school and with our parents/carers.  The role of parents/carers is hugely important in supporting the school and the all-round development of each child.