Rhododendron Walk, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8PN

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Ascot Heath Primary School

“Confident learners in a happy, safe and secure environment”



We endeavour to make the school environment as safe as possible for everyone. 

School Access

The approaches to school become very congested in the morning and afternoon and extra care is needed.  No parking is permitted in Rhododendron Walk. The car park is for staff only, unless the person dropping off has a blue disabled driver badge or a school parking permit.  No parent is allowed to ‘drive and drop’ through the car park to ensure the safety of all children on site.


General Health & Safety

We aim to create a healthy, safe environment for everyone at Ascot Heath Infant School.  We are continually reviewing our health and safety practices and if you notice or are concerned about any aspect of health or safety at school please let us know. 

Please note:

  • Dogs are not allowed in the school grounds (i.e. within the ‘green’ gates).
  • Scooters and bicycles are not to be ridden anywhere on the school grounds from the green gates onwards. They can be ‘parked’ outside the front playground but the school cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage. 
  • No smoking anywhere on the premises – this includes the school field.
  • Infant children are not permitted to play on the Junior play equipment.
  • Children and siblings must not play on the playground equipment before or after school.  We are only insured for the equipment for Ascot Heath Infant School pupils during the school day. 


Sun Protection

Please provide your child with a named sun hat during the summer term.  If you wish to provide sun cream it may be advisable to send a named sunscreen stick rather than a tube or bottle of cream for the children to administer themselves, as we are unable to apply sunscreen.


Water in School