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Year 3 Remote Learning

Hi Year 3 and welcome to remote learning. Mrs Coleman will be your remote teacher Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Mrs Harding will take over on Thursday and Friday. :) 

Every morning we are going to set you up with some daily challenges for you to complete at home. Make sure to record your work in your remote learning books. We are also going to check in with you every afternoon to see how you are getting on with the work and to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to leave a comment in the guestbook about how you are getting on as we would love to hear from you all.

We are here alongside you so please contact us for help, guidance or just to say hello on Guestbook or class e-mails given below. 

 owls@ascotheathprimary.school or kestrels@ascotheathprimary.school

Year 3's fabulous work

Updated Friday 10th July      


Work inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, Sonia Delaunay & Henri Matisse

Tuesday 14th July

Hello Owls and Kestrels,


Hope you all enjoyed the warm weather yesterday. 

 Remember that  Mrs Harding will be hosting an end of term quiz for year 3. Kestrels - Wednesday (I will also be there, it would be lovely to see you all)  Owls - Thursday.


Have fun today.

Mrs Coleman 



Congratulations to all those who took part in the battle, it was the most number of children we have ever had. If you would like me to arrange another battle, then please let me know.

Remember the best way to improve is to take part in the teacher set sections, this will take you through the tables in a systematic way. After a certain number of games you will be asked to do do gig again. Your results will be adjusted and you will be put on the appropriate level. You may find you go down a level, if this happens then please contact me and I will be able to explain why. 

Warm up

Each day complete one of the maths mats in the document below.

The answers will be posted each day at 1pm.


Bar charts 


Watch the video, answer any questions in your books then attempt the questions on the sheet. No need to print out, just write answers into books. 


On Thursday I would like you to create a poster showing all the maths in our environment.

Therefore, when you are out and about make a note of all the maths you see. You could draw or take pictures.


The maths you might see

  • Shapes – 2D and 3D
  • Lines – parallel, horizontal, perpendicular
  • Symmetrical objects/pictures/plants.
  • Numbers
  • Timetables
  • Repeating patterns
  • Tessellating patterns
  • Angles – acute/obtuse/right angles.
  • Weights/measure/lengths
  • Perimeter. 


Today you are going to plan an information sheet.  

The planning ideas are based on trolls, but if you would like to write about another topic then you can, but remember to use the features of different sub-headings.  


Now, let’s think about writing some new information about trolls.  


In ‘The truth About Trolls’, Professor Folklore used questions as sub-headings to help organise his writing and make it easier for the reader.  


Challenge: What other sections could you add? (If you are not writing about trolls, think carefully about the sections you are going to include)


• What is troll school like? 

• What jobs do trolls do? 

• How do trolls look after their babies? 

• What do trolls do on holiday? 

• What is in a troll’s cave? 

• ????????????????????? 


Use the planner structure below, to jot down some ideas for your information on trolls. (If you aren't writing about trolls, then just insert the sub-headings for your different sections.  

Use the ideas from the word and sentence games. 


More Body Percussion 


Go to the following Ten Pieces at Home web page below.  Go to Week 2 near the bottom of the page – ‘Tell a story with your own Body Percussion Music…’ 


First watch the video exploring ‘Music for 18 musicians’ with CBBC’s Naomi Wilkinson.  Then have a go at joining in with the middle video clip. 



Good afternoon Year 3

Week beginning 6th July

 GEOGRAPHY YR 3 Summer Coasts Beaches.pptxDownload
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Even though the library buildings are closed, they are  still doing the summer reading challenge. It would be good to have as many of you as possible take part. All the information is in the document below.